• February Fashion Favourites 2018

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    Last year we saw the rise and fall of countless fashion crazes and this year is proving to be no different. With the SS18 Fashion Weeks well underway, we’re pretty excited to see what will be trending in the coming warmer months. Whether they’re brand new or making an epic comeback, we’ve shortlisted our favourite trends so far and left a few helpful tips on how you can combine them with your own wardrobes!

    Magical Metallics

    It’s all about shimmering fabrics and shiny accessories this season! With the metallic trend still going strong, there’s no need to save your flashy pieces until after dark. We have a magical metallic range that you’ll definitely want to incorporate into your everyday outfit choices!

    As we’re all still feeling the cold, let’s talk scarves. Our top accessory this month has to be our Mulberry Tree Print scarf collection. Available in both a shiny silver print and a romantic rose gold on numerous colourways, these gorgeous pieces are a great touch for everyday-wear for only £7.99!


    If you’re looking to make a statement on a night out, our Arizona Clutch bag is one of our most-loved choices. With it’s minimalistic detailing and dazzling holographic colourways, this clutch is a must-have to help complete your party look. And the best part? It’s just £15.99!

    Now Swans, with spring just around the corner, you must have started planning your spring/summer getaways. Why not rock the metallic trend wherever you go with our Jenny Wedge heels in champagne? Ideal for adding shine to your holiday outfits for £17.99, these wedge heels go well with any look!


    Powerful Purples

    We’ve already seen purple appear a lot on the runways so far and we’re not going to stop seeing it anytime soon. With celebrities such as Lupita Nyong’o slaying on the red carpet in this regal colour, we’re embracing it all, from lavender to violet.   

    If you’re looking for a subtle way to slip some purple into your ensemble, you’ll want our Karlie Clutch bag in the lilac colourway. This beauty is made from fashionable faux suede in an envelope design to hold all of your day – or night – essentials and all for just £12.99! Why not match this with the stunning Saffron Metallic Eye Pencil in purple for £2.49 to create the ultimate statement look?

    With the winter chill still in the air, you’ll want to wrap up before you venture out and the best way to do this is with our fabulous Lydia Faux Fur Wrap in purple. Add a touch of sophistication with this beautiful accessory for only £14.99!

    Glitter Greats

    Swans, you must know our favourite fashion mantra by now, “When in doubt, add more glitter!” Is there even any such thing as ‘too much glitter’? We think not and our Esther Glitter Clutch bag is proof of that. Eye-catching and available in six gorgeous colourways, this is a top pick for all your party looks this year for only £11.99. If you really want to emphasise your sparkle, match these with the W7 Metal Flash Trio set. There’s nothing like a little glitter eyeliner to stand out for a special occasion, and at only £6.99, you can afford to treat yourself!

    Don’t restrict yourself to only wearing glitter for parties, we like to funk up our casual looks too with the Sissy Glitter Loafers. Choose from beautiful black or stunning silver colourways and add some shimmer to your style for £12.99! If you really want to shine, why not pair these with the Eve Plain Glitter scarf for £7.99?

    Bronze Beauties

    While the Olympic committee puts bronze in third place, we’re giving it a top spot in our wardrobes this year. And why wouldn’t we? It’s gorgeous copper hues create just the right amount of metallic sheen to allow you to channel your inner goddess all day or night.

    Naturally, we have to begin with makeup for this one. There’s no denying that the sun-kissed look is still very much in, so why not create your own with the W7 Double Act Bronzer & Blusher Pressed Powder for £3.59? We’d match this fantastic duo with the Sunkissed Ready For Anything eyeshadow palette to create a sumptuous glowing smokey eye for £4.99. Why not finish this makeup look with the W7 Mega Matte Liquid Lipstick in nude for £6.99?

    Looking to add some warm copper tones to your outfit instead? Our Natalie Diamante Clutch in bronze is just what you need. Dress up your casual day look or add a finishing touch to your night outfit for only £12.50!

    There you have it Swans, our low-down on all the trends we love most so far this year. Shop them all on the SwankySwans website and receive a free scarf on all orders over £20!


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  • Valentine’s Day Essentials

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    Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day – in all of its soppy, love heart-covered glory – is on its way! Whether you have a significant other or not, Valentine’s Day is always a great way to take time out from the stress of everyday and indulge in doing something fun with the people you love most. After deciding what to do for Valentine’s Day, the second hardest part is trying to figure out what essentials you’ll be needing for your date. Don’t worry Swans, if you’re after some V-Day accessory inspiration, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put some fabulous ideas together for every type of date, just keep reading!

    The Classic Wine and Dine

    You can’t go wrong with a romantic dinner date for Valentine’s Day. Mix it up by choosing a place you’ve never been to before or make reservations at your favourite spot. Either way, a dinner date is a great excuse to dress up, ladies!

    Are you thinking of rocking your LBD? Both stylish and sophisticated, the Mylene Stiletto heels in black are a flawless fit for any date-night ensemble. At £19.99, they capture the glamour of the classic Valentino style without the hefty price tag! We would match them with our chic Oscar Clutch in nude for £14.99 to create a perfect pair. Why not add a pop of colour to finish with one of the eye-catching lip shades from the Body Collection Colour Capsule Lipstick set (£8.49)?


    The Casual Coffee

    If you like to keep things more relaxed, a trip to your local café is a great way to spend some quality time with your beau. It’s fun and there’ll be coffee – what’s not to love?

    The best part about this date is that you get to keep your look pretty casual – a simple t-shirt and jeans will work. Dress up your outfit with your accessories instead - let’s start with footwear. The Kinsley Ankle boots are a fantastic way to add a fashionable touch to your look for under £20. We would match them with our relaxed Emmy Cat Motif Crossbody bag for £17.99, perfect for carrying all of your daily essentials. If your outfit still feels incomplete, finish it with one of our striking Macy Rose Gold Dandelion scarves for only £7.99!



    The Great Outdoor Adventure

    This one may sound a bit unconventional but it’s a brilliant choice for the couple who like to explore. There’s nothing better than the bliss of a quiet, romantic weekend in the great outdoors.

    Unsure as to what accessories you’ll need for this plan? Don’t worry Swans, we’ve got you covered. A day bag is vital of course and there’s no better choice for your trip than the Atlantis Map & Butterfly print backpack. It has a delightful, quirky print and comes complete with plenty of room for all of your daily necessities for only £24.99. The Tim Ankle boots in black are definitely an outdoor essential to add to your packing list. They’re smart, comfortable and completely affordable at only £16.99! It’s important to stay warm while you explore, so why not match these beauties with the cosy Ada Scarf in black for £7.99?



    The Spontaneous Escape

    Sometimes the best trips are the ones that aren’t planned and what better way to spend Valentine’s Day than on a last-minute getaway with your loved one? This option is great for the couple that’s looking for a weekend escape.

    If you’re heading away to a warmer climate, you should check out the Irena Espadrille shoes in silver. They’re light, comfortable and add an elegant finish to all of your fabulous holiday looks for only £12.99! Pair them with the chic Beau Polka Dot backpack in black for £22.99. This gorgeous bag features spacious storage compartments and even comes with a matching tablet case. We would also take the Royal Candy Rock Travel bag with us to keep our makeup safe and sound for just £5.99.



    The Girls’ Night

    Who said you can’t celebrate Valentine’s Day if you’re single? Understanding and loyalty are gifts that only great friends provide, so of course they deserve every bit of love on this special day. Plus, a girls’ night is the perfect excuse for you to get glammed up with your squad for the evening!

    Heels are a necessity for any night out and the Olivia Block heels in black are a must-have if you plan on dominating the dancefloor. They’re fabulously on-trend, comfortable and under £20! Match this dazzling duo with the Merci Micro Clutch bag for £10.99, with six colourways to pick from, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Complete your look with a pair of Amazing Shine False Eyelashes for £3.49; choose from eight beautiful styles to effortlessly draw attention to your eyes!



    There you have it Swans, our guide to accessorising for Valentine’s Day! Whether you’re celebrating with your significant other or with your girl squad, we hope this guide helps you pick the perfect accessories for your special day!

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  • How to Switch Up Your Style for 2018

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    It’s Friday evening and you’re getting ready to head out with your girl squad for a night out. You reach for a black dress and remember you wore it to your Christmas work-do last month, “but it’s so comfortable and easy to accessorise,” you think to yourself before putting it on. When it comes to fashion, we all have our own individual comfort zones, whether it’s throwing on a safe pair of jeans with a t-shirt, wearing the same shoes everyday or using the same handbag for everything, we fall into a style routine which we become afraid to change.

    Swans, we’ve all heard the saying “nothing great ever happens in your comfort zone,” so why not try stepping out of yours this year to achieve your fashion goals? If you need inspiration, you’ve come to the right place. Here are a few different ways to revolutionise your style for 2018!

    Workplace Wonders

    When it comes to leaving the safety of your comfort zone, you don’t need to drastically modify your whole wardrobe to achieve it. Take it a step at a time, start off small and work your way up to the bigger changes.

    Let’s begin with your work bag. As boss-ladies it’s safe to say we spend a lot of time at our places of work and so it’s very easy to fall into the habit of carrying the same handbag day-in-day-out. We find ourselves instinctively reaching for neutral shades of black and brown so this year, why not add a splash of colour to your work looks with the Bonn Cosmo handbag? With colourways ranging from bright yellow to pink and burgundy, there’s a handbag to suit any outfit for only £22.50!

    Scarves are another great way to change up your professional fashion. They’re simple to style and add a gorgeous finishing touch to any ensemble. Our personal favourite has to be the Carly Rose Gold Feather collection. Simple and elegant with a touch of blushing rose gold, this collection lifts any look for only £7.99!

    Why not add the Luna Faux Fur ankle boots for only £19.99? These beauties are both striking and completely cruelty-free to help give you peace of mind while you work on expanding your area of fashion comfort.

    Party Glam

    Do you find yourself committed to your LBD on nights out? While it’s an essential feature in any wardrobe, it can start to feel slightly dull when over-worn. The best way to leave the LBD bubble of safety is to start with your accessories – baby steps, Swans.

    Let’s begin with your bag, instead of reaching for the plain and neutral clutch you always use, add a pop of colour with the Samantha V Detail for only £14.99. Available in 20 – yes 20! – beautiful colourways, you’re sure to find one to suit your style. Why not add a pair of stunning Mylene Stiletto heels to your outfit for £19.99? Available in four different colourways, these beauties mirror the famous Valentino style but come minus the heart-breaking price tag!

    Finish off by adding a small, sophisticated touch to your new look with the gorgeous Lydia Faux Fur wrap for only £14.99.

    Makeup Routine

    Ahh the wonderful world of makeup! You’ve sat there and watched endless tutorials on how to perfectly blend eyeshadow and create the sharpest eyeliner wing, but you’re yet to actually try these techniques for yourself. It’s not that you don’t want to, it’s just that you don’t feel like you can pull them off – that’s just your comfort zone holding you back Swans!

    Changing your makeup routine is the simplest way to grow your comfort zone and the easiest place to start is with your lipstick! Neutral shades are so last year, we think that 2018 is definitely going to be the year of the bold lip so why not be courageous and introduce the W7 Mega Matte Liquid lipstick collection to your makeup bag for only £6.99? With colours ranging from daring red to fuchsia pink, you’re sure to find a new shade to fall in love with!

    Next step: introduce colour to your eyelids. We all have eyeshadow palettes with shades that remain untouched because we’re afraid of using them the wrong way – hands up if you’re guilty of doing this ladies – but it’s time to finally make use of them. The W7 Gel To Powder eye cushions make an ideal addition to any makeup collection. The highly pigmented palettes are perfect for creating the ultimate smokey eye or glittering gold lid, and the best part? They’re only £8.99!

    Finish your new look with a pair of our Amazing Shine lashes for only £3.49. They’re an ideal way to add emphasis to your look without having to step too far out of the safety net of your comfort zone.

    Everyday Casual

    This is probably the hardest thing to make changes to. While your everyday style should be simple and comfy, it doesn’t necessarily need to feel drab and boring. You can vary your style by simply accessorising your outfits differently.

    We find the best place to start is with our shoes. Your everyday shoes need to be comfortable enough to run errands in but also fashion-forward to match your outfit. Our Jasmine Diamante trainers are both stylish and functional which makes them perfect for daily wear. At only £12.99, they won’t break the bank either!

    Match the Arabella Faux Suede backpack to your new shoes for £24.99. This beauty is the perfect size for storing your everyday essentials in and it comes in six gorgeous colourways for you to choose from!

    If you’re more of a handbag person, the Kelly Two Tone bag is a great way to add a sophisticated touch to your daily look. With four fabulous colourways to choose from at £24.99, you’ll want to get yours before they disappear.

    It’s often difficult to step away from the familiarity of your comfort zone but once you do it, you’ll find a whole new world of fashion that becomes available for you to explore. Take it one step at a time and see how eventually, your bolder style pieces will feel like a natural part of your wardrobe! Shop your new look on the SwankySwans site today and get a free scarf with all orders over £20.

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  • New Year…

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    With NYE just around the corner, we’re sure many of you must be thinking about making some new year’s resolutions – we know we are! Do you find you end up following the same pattern every year? You make the same cliché resolutions to join a gym and give up pizza - this one rarely sticks - on January 1st but end up breaking them before the week ends. Well, let us help you out by sharing some resolutions you’ll definitely want to keep all year round.

    New You

    This one’s for all the ladies who have been admiring the wonderful world of makeup from the sidelines. You’ve Pinned a thousand different makeup looks you want to try out but you have no idea where to begin. Why not start the year with the magic of highlighting/contouring or strobing?

    Let’s establish the difference between the two first. The main difference is that you always couple highlighter with contouring while strobing is strictly single and leaves you with a dreamy, dewy finish. Both techniques mean highlighting pretty much everywhere – all the highest points of your beautiful face. If you’re stuck on where to start, why not try your hand at some simple strobing with the W7 It’s Strobe Time Powder Kit for £4.99? Or try highlighting like a pro with the W7 Cream Highlighter for only £3.99!

    New Job

    Whether you’re starting your dream job, you’ve landed a promotion or you’re simply transferring departments, the thrill of a new beginning is always the same and it brings with it the exciting prospect of a brand new wardrobe! While accessories add the finishing touches to our work ensembles, they often remain neglected while clothes become our main focus. So Swans, why don’t you join us in paying more attention to accessorising in the coming new year?

    If you’re new to accessorising, the easiest place to start is with your handbag. Our Marcella Cosmo Work bag in grey is a fabulously chic choice if you’re looking for a versatile bag to match all of your work outfits. It comes complete with a brilliant laptop compartment for only £27.50! If bright and bold is more your thing, our quirky blue Elle Business Handbag – also £27.50 - may be a better choice for you! Our personal office favourite has to be the Amy Envelope Work Handbag at £29.99. This beauty comes in six different colourways for all of you boss-ladies to choose from!

    New Baby

    Taking your first steps into motherhood is an incredible time but one in which you, naturally, put yourself second so your fashion focus may be a little off whilst you’re enjoying your gorgeous newborn. Whether you’re a new mum or a yummy mummy-to-be, you don’t need to lose your sense of style as you enter this new chapter of your life! Why not choose this magical time to evolve your style instead?

    Let’s begin with something simple… Baby changing bags. We know what you’re thinking, they’re not exactly the most stylish of accessories to carry. But who says they can’t be? Our Gigi Faux Leather Cross-Body bag is both fabulous and functional and it’s only £19.99! The Noel Paris Butterfly Satchel (£19.99) is another affordable and stylish solution which will definitely make you want to ditch any boring changing bags you may have! If you’re more of a hands-free mummy, our Joseph & Mary Backpack is perfect for you. With four different colourways currently to choose from at only £22.99, it’s no wonder they’re disappearing fast!

    New Term

    Ok, ok, this one’s more for your little ones than for you. But what can be better than putting a smile on their faces before they go back to school? Anyone who says parenting is easy obviously hasn’t experienced the dreaded back-to-school shop. Buying a new uniform? Easy. Buying a new bag? Let the tantrums begin. Why not keep it simple this year by finding your mini-me something they’ll love?

    To make it easier, we thought we’d share our favourite school bag picks with you. How cute is the Pembleton Owl Classic backpack? This fun print is a sure way to get your little one excited about their first day back. The best part? It’s on sale for £9.99! Here’s a bag for the not-so-little one, the Naples Cosmo City handbag (£24.99) is available in wait for it… Nine different colourways! With enough space for all their school books and a huge range to choose from, it leaves no room for tantrums. Our all-time favourite is the Nina Reversible Tote bag in navy and grey. This one is only £24.99 and comes complete with a matching envelope purse, making it perfect for any fashionista in-training!

    Let’s not forget about college and university students. You’ve had a long break and it’s time to head back. Why not add a little glamour to student life by treating yourself to a new book bag before term starts? Our stylish Beau Backpack is available, currently, in two different colourways and comes with its own matching tablet case for only £22.99! If you prefer handbags, our Berlin Work City Bag is perfect for you. It comes complete with its own laptop compartment and five colourways to choose from all for under £30! No need to break the bank this season.

    New Look

    We’re all familiar with the phrase ‘new year, new you’ but we’re thinking more along the lines of ‘new year, new style for 2018’. Ok Swans, you’ve got us. This one may be a slight cliché, but when it comes to fashion, there’s nothing wrong with changing it up now and again. Whether you’re bored of your wardrobe or just looking to try something new, the best place to start is with your accessories.

    Changing your look can be quite daunting which is why it’s important to start small and ease your way into the rest. Let’s begin with footwear. If you’re looking to up your boot game in the new year, the Clara Ring Ankle boots are a fabulously chic place to start! At only £19.99, they’ll make a great addition to any shoe-robe. Beat the winter blues by pairing these boots with our cute Mandy Micro Owl Print scarf for £4.99! If you’re not feeling the faux suede, step out in style in our Skyla Faux Leather Ankle boots. They’re 100% cruelty-free and at only £17.99, they’re completely budget friendly too!

    There you have it, some simple and exciting resolutions you’ll want to keep all year. We’re wishing you all a very happy new year, Swans from all of the SwankySwans team! See you all in 2018!

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  • Party Season Staples

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    Party season is well underway and you’ve got your outfit choices lined up and ready to go. Now it’s time for the hard part, what’s the best way to accessorise? Whether it’s for your work Christmas-do or your festive family gathering, choosing the perfect accessories to match your own personal style always proves to be a difficult task. Don’t worry Swans, we’re here to help. We’ve rounded up our party essentials for every type of fashionista, to help save you from any mini breakdowns you may have this season!

    Bold Beauties

    You have a great understanding of how style often speaks louder than words – and it shows clearly in what you wear. Naturally, your outfit matches your outgoing personality and you’re never afraid to stand out! If ‘go bold or go home’ is your fashion mantra, you’ll fall in love with our Elaine Envelope Clutch in yellow! It’s bright enough to lift any look and at only £12.99, you won’t need to break the bank to do it! Pair this with our Molly Laced Knee High boots and Saffron Metallic Eye Pencils to really make a statement. Get the whole look for under £40!   

    Show-Stopping Sparkles

    When in doubt, add glitter! You have an eye for all things fun and fabulous – including your style. Other people may overlook small details, but not you! You know exactly how to match your accessories with your outfit to get the perfect look. Shine bright like a diamond this party season with our Fallabella Glitter Clutch bags. With three colourways to choose from and only £12.99, it’s no wonder they’re disappearing so fast! Why not complete your look with the glamorous Jessica Glitter Knee High boots (£23.99) and W7 Metal Flash Glitter Metallic Eyeliner (£6.99) set?

    Holy Chic

    In a world full of crazy trends, your style remains sophisticated and timeless. While you enjoy shopping for clothes, it’s accessorising that really captures your heart! You make all of your party outfits seem effortlessly elegant and manage to coordinate them perfectly with your makeup looks! If you’re a strong believer of the ‘less is more’ philosophy, you’ll love our Louis Clutch bag collection! The best part? These classic beauties are available in 10 different colourways for only £15.99 each! Don’t leave your look unfinished - add our fabulous Olivia Block heels for only £19.99 and complete it with a killer wing using our Royal Lashed Out Felt Tip Eyeliner for just £2.99!

    Festive Favourites

    The party don’t start ‘til you walk in! Whether you’re at a work-do or a family gathering, you’re always the life and soul of the festivities. With Christmas being your favourite time of the year, you never forget to ensure your accessories match your holiday spirit. Our red Abby Diamante Clutch bag adds a Christmas vibe to your party ensemble for only £14.99! Match this with a dazzling pair of Dana Glitter Ankle boots for £16.99 and our berry-licious Body Capsule Lipstick Collection to finish your look (and change it up with the different shades as the night goes on)!


    That’s a wrap on our guide to accessorising the right way this party season. No matter what your style preference is, we have something for everyone here at SwankySwans! Our last day to ship parcels in time for Christmas with standard delivery is 22nd December, so make sure you get your orders in soon, Swans!


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