The Handbag Guide For Beginners

The Handbag Guide For Beginners

From carrying toiletries to keys, phones and even laptops… It’s safe to say that handbags have become an essential part of our lives. Do you remember the first handbag you ever purchased? It’s ok to admit that it may not have been your best choice. Your taste in handbags is like a fine wine, it can only get better over time. As we grow, we realise that handbags are not only great for their usefulness but they also play a vital role in our day-to-day style choices. But how do you go about pairing the right style of bag for the right occasion? We’ve created this style guide to help you out! 

The Everyday Bag

Swans, you should use this handbag as a starting point as it’s definitely the foundation to your bag collection. When choosing your everyday bag, you’ll need to consider your daily load; do you have a substantial amount of errands to run? It’s important that you pick a style you feel comfortable carrying throughout the day and you should also make sure that it has enough room to spare for your everyday necessities too. Look for a bag that’s simple and stylish which will complement your more casual outfit choices, such as jeans and a plain white t-shirt. We recommend our Emma Multi Zip Crossbody Bag with multiple zip pockets which gives you separate sections to place your essentials into - meaning no more fumbling around awkwardly to look for your keys, ladies! Some of us prefer something with a single larger storage space instead of multiple compartments. Our Tasmania Tassel Shoulder Bag is a fabulous fit with only one zip and an open front pocket! It’s both simple and stylish and will match even the most casual of outfits.


The Office Wonder

As working women, we tend to spend a lot of time outside of the house so we’re sure you’ll agree that the bag we carry needs to match our boss-lady personalities. Whether you’re rocking a perfect pencil skirt or a pair of statement trousers for that all-important meeting, an office bag will add the finishing touch to your fabulous work ensemble. The Naples Cosmo City Bag in the burgundy colourway not only makes a bold fashion statement but also has enough space to hold your laptop – say goodbye to the ugly laptop case you’ve been forced to carry! Are you a fan of the classic Birkin handbag? If you answered yes to that question you’ll be sure to fall head over heels for our Bedford Handbag!


The Sightseeing Essential

The last thing you want to do while you’re travelling is carry around a big hefty handbag. When choosing your holiday bag you’ll need to start by making a list of all of your daily essentials. What will you need during the day? Sun cream, a water bottle, a camera, maybe a change of clothes… it won’t take much time before you realise that you’ll require something a little more spacious than you previously imagined, but spacious doesn’t have to equal bulky. Our Beau Backpack in grey is both fashion forward and functional. It’s twin adjustable back straps will help spread the weight out equally making it easier to carry while allowing you to keep your hands free for more important things – like two ice creams - and the multiple compartments will make sure your sun cream can’t spill and ruin your clothes unexpectedly.

The Evening Glam

Whether you’re off to a fancy formal event or you’re getting ready for a girls’ night out, evening bags are a must-have to complete your look. Choosing a bag which not only looks glamourous but is also big enough for your evening essentials can often leave you feeling like you’d rather stay in instead. Have you ever been in the position where you’ve found a bag which matches your outfit perfectly but you’re unable to fit anything inside it? The Karlie Suede Clutch Bag may be the solution to your problem. It’s chic and classic design allows it to be paired with a formal gown or an LBD for a night out, but the best part? You’ll have enough space to fit a large phone inside along with your makeup! If you’re looking for a showstopper with oodles of glitz, you’ll love our Kamila Clutch Bag! It still has the same space and stylishness but with added sparkle!


The One For The Yummy Mummy

As much as we all love a small handbag or a cute clutch, once you become a mum you need to upgrade to something a little bigger – OK, sometimes a lot bigger – to make room for everything your little darling needs. Don’t worry Swans, your bag will get smaller as your children get older but in the meanwhile this presents you with a fab opportunity to get the most gorgeous baby changing bag. Woohoo! A baby change bag is a necessity and has great functionality, but when it comes to fashion, they can often be found wanting. Well that’s not the case with our baby changing bags and we’ve found one particular gem that you’ll just love! Our Julie Kempton Day Bag is the stylish solution you need to end all of your changing bag nightmares. It has all the multiple compartments and storage space you’ll need without looking like a bulky crime against fashion!

There you have it Swans, our guide to buying the right bag for the right occasion. Hopefully it will help you the next time you find yourself stuck trying to decide!

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