• They Make A Great Pair: The Best Monochrome Autumn/Winter Wardrobe Collaborations!

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    Four monochrome autumn/winter wardrobe collaborations that will be sure to make a scene this season! We’ll be serving you with looks for a date night, a chilled daytime, a day at the office and a wedding reception! Be prepared for every occasion with SwankySwans.
    Chic Date Night:
    You’ve just been asked out on a date night but you’re stuck for something to wear! Fear not Swans, we’re here to help…

    The Black Mylene Stiletto HeelsBack Kendal Patent Clutch Bag combination is giving us serious Paris Fashion Week vibes! The pair compliment each other perfectly and look the bees knees – but for an affordable price. Grab the shoes for only £19.99 and the bag for only £11.99, what more could you want? We think that these accessories would look amazing with a pair of black skinny jeans and a tailored blazer!


     Chilled Day Out:

    What better way to spend your day off than taking a nice walk around the local park or mooching the shops! Well Swans, whichever you decide to do, we have an outfit that is suitable for both…

    The White Kaylee Casual Trainers and Black Jenson Backpack are practical and casual! The trainers are here to provide you with maximum comfort so your day off is as enjoyable as it should be, oh and they’re only £13.99! We do know how to spoil you Swans!

     The affordable prices don’t stop there - the backpack can be yours for as little as £22.99, fully equipped with multiple pockets for extra storage, perfect for when you’re on the go! We think that these accessories would look great with a pair of dark blue skinny jeans and an autumnal red puffer coat!


    A Day at the Office:

    Want to be the hottest in the office this week Swans? If so, this killer combination is stylish, yet practical! We absolutely love it, and know you will too!

    Taking corporate chic to a whole new level with the Black Gogo Faux Suede Ankle Boots and Light Grey Marcella Cosmo Handbag! Did someone say, pay rise? That’s what you’ll be getting when you strut into work with these super stylish shoes for only £16.99 and your new £27.50 bag on Monday Morning, Swans! We think these accessories would look great with a pair of black tailored cigarette trousers and a patterned blouse of your choice, maybe leopard print if you’re feeling daring!


    Wedding Guest Vibes:

    We know how important it is to feel beautiful when attending the wedding of your nearest and dearest, and that’s why we’ve created this perfect combo to allow you to feel and look amazing for the big day!


    The Silver Diaz Stilleto Heels and Silver Macie Diamante Ring Clutch Bag are what dreams are made of, so classy and simply stunning! Dance the night away in these high heels for only £19.99 and be prepared for compliments all day when you flash your new clutch bag for as little as £21.99! We think these accessories would go perfectly with a navy blue dress of your choice!



    We hope these four monochrome autumn/winter collaborations have saved your wardrobe dilemmas, and provided you with further inspiration for the future. Be sure to browse our website for more killer combinations.

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  • Halloween on a Budget! Get the Look:

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    We know that last minute Halloween ideas can be hard to come up with, but fear not fellow Swans - were here to help! With the spooky event not far away, we’ve come up with three quick and easy Halloween ideas so you don’t have to. Also added bonus, each and every item can be purchased on our website for extra convenience.


    Look 1: Curious Cat

    Image Credit: Pinterest 


    An absolute staple on Halloween, and the easiest one to achieve! Here’s what you’ll need:


     STEP 1: The W7 Smokin' Shades Eye Colour Palette is the main feature of this Halloween look, apply as follows:


     Shade 1: Place all over the lid for an even base.
    Shade 2: Seamlessly blend into the crease of your eye.
    Shade 3: Blend lower into the crease of your eye ensuring that both shades 2 and 3 are seamlessly blended together.
    Shade 4: Place sparingly onto the outer corner of your eye and blend into the crease of your eyelid until you gain the smokin’ effect.
    Shade 5: The final step is to place this shade onto the inner corner of your eye for a pop of sparkle.

     STEP 2: Use The Royal Lashed Out Black Felt Tip Eyeliner Pen to create a fierce cat eye wing effect! 


    STEP 3: LASHES, the cherry on the cake! Apply the Amazing Shine False Eyelashes in Style 138 to achieve the dramatic look you desire.


     STEP 4: Now it’s time for the face, after applying your base of choice, the next step is to contour your cheekbones to really tie in the look, use the W7 Shape Your Face Contour Kit!



    STEP 5: Now for the fun part, take the W7 Blackest Black Eyeliner King Kohl and draw a cat nose and whiskers to complete the Curious Cat Halloween look, all you’ll need now is some cat ears of choice and you’re good to go!






     Look 2: Mystical Mermaid 

    Image Credit: Pinterest 


    This dazzling Mystical Mermaid look will be sure to steal the show at any Halloween party! Here’s what you’ll need:
    STEP 1: You can’t be a mermaid without that golden glow, so you’ll first need to apply the ST.MORIZ Gradual Tanning Lotion (275ml) in plenty of time to let the tan develop to your desired shade.


    STEP 2: The next step is to create a popping eye shadow look! Use The W7 Goldibox Eyeshadow Palette and apply as follows:

    Shade 1: Place all over the lid for an even base.
    Shade 2: Seamlessly blend into the crease of your eye.
    Shade 3: Place sparingly onto the outer corner of your eye and blend into the crease of your eyelid to add depth.
    Shade 4: The final step of the eye shadow is to place this shade onto the center of your eyelid to add a halo effect! You can follow this step by adding the Iridescent Metal Flash Eyeliner over the top of Shade 4 for that extra shine, followed by a dramatic winged line effect with the same Iridescent Metal Flash Eyeliner!


    STEP 3: Eye shadow is not complete without Lashes! Apply the Girls With Attitude Burlesque Beauty False Eyelashes to really tie the eye look together.


    STEP 4: Now for the fun part! After applying the base of your choice, don’t be afraid to go all out with this step! Create a number 3 on your face starting from your forehead, to your cheekbones and finish on your jawline with the Technic Makeup Prism 3D Highlighter, Unicorn Rainbow Shimmer Baked Illuminating Powder to create a glowing mermaid contour!

    You can also add this to the corner of your eyes to tie it all together.




     Look 3: Creepy Cracked Doll
     Image Credit: Pinterest 



    This Creepy Cracked Doll look is simple yet effective, and a firm Halloween favourite of ours!


    STEP 1: The first step is to create a simple smoky eye to darken the eyelids and add depth using the W7 Let's Go Quad Eye Shadow Shimmery Colour Palette - Lets Go Smoky. 

    Shade 1: Place in the crease of your eye and blend.
    Shade 2: Place in the crease just bellow Shade 1 and blend into the outer corner of your eye until seamless.
    Shade 3: Place across the entire inner corner of the lid to add a pop of shine.
    STEP 2: Next you’ll need to widen your eyes to give that real doll effect, place the White Saffron Metallic Eye Pencil into your waterline and bring down just below your lower lash line.

    STEP 3: It is essential to apply dramatic lashes when recreating the Creepy Cracked Doll. The Amazing Shine False Eyelashes in the Style 601 will complement the look perfectly


    STEP 4: After applying the base of your choice, the next step is to apply the W7 Cheeky Trio Bronzer, Blusher & Highlighter Kit to add definition to your face and doll like rosy red cheeks.


    STEP 5: The next step is to achieve the doll like lips, an absolute essential to tie the look together! Apply the shade ‘Sinful’ from the W7 4 Mega Matte Liquid Lipstick Lip Collection onto the centre of your lips only to create a heart shaped illusion.



    STEP 6: The final step is of course, the cracks! You can go as wild as you like with this step, each crack can be drawn with the Technic Eyeliner Pencil Smudger & Sharpner.


    And it’s that simple, three quick and easy looks to ensure that you’re ready to take on the night this Halloween!

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  • Make it a December to remember…

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    With the cold weather and dark nights slowly making a return, it’s time to freshen up your winter wardrobe and make a cosy statement!

    Burgundy Beauts

    A classic burgundy statement bag completes any look. Our Ella Business Handbag is perfect for all occasions. Wear it as a stylish work bag, weekend drinks with the girls or just for carrying the bits and pieces that no doubt your kids will be demanding throughout the day…


    Us swans believe the bag matches perfectly with our Celeste Cat Print Scarf. They compliment each other, giving an effortless glam look! For just £7.99 this scarf will not only keep you warm, and fashionable but will save you a penny or two as well!


    Navy Needs

    The beauty of navy is that it goes with anything. Just because you’re wrapped up in a coat doesn’t mean you can’t show off your enviable style! This Samantha Navy Clutch shows off your sophisticated style matching perfectly with the Kelly Sparkle Fashion Scarf in blue.


    Boots, boots and more boots!

    Walking to work, shopping for groceries or even when you’re out on the school run - these boots are a sure-fire way to catch the attention of passers-by, making you stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons!
    These slip on Zoey Ankle boots are the perfect pair for all your office outfits. Hurry quick before they go!


    No need to worry about the weather with these boots! The school run will become even easier with a pair of these Tim Browns – added bonus too… they’re available in a wide variety of sizes!


    The perfect pair for all occasions, the Gogo Faux Suede boots will

    become your best friend. While the small block heel is practical and comfortable all day long, they still serve looks and make you strut in style!



    Don't forget to shop our full range here, comment below your favorite winter accessory!! 
    Team Swanky X

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  • Wedding Accessories Fit for a Princess

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    So, there is only a week until one of the most exciting days of this year...the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle! We really can’t wait to see what fashions will be uncovered on the big day, and what Meghan’s wedding style will be. To celebrate, we highlight which of our accessories would be PERFECT for a wedding!

    Kelly Glitter Clutch Bag Champagne

    A clutch bag that needs no introduction, the Kelly Glitter Clutch Bag (£11.99) is a very delicate accessory for a wedding and in a stunning champagne colour, it can be matched with any outfit. If you prefer something that isn’t too glitzy, then this is the bag for you with its subtle tones.

    Holly Lace Clutch Bag - Ivory

    Looking for something that is more detailed? The Holly Lace Clutch Bag in Ivory (£13.99) is sure to bag you some fabulous compliments with its intricate patterns, making it a very classy addition to a wedding outfit.

    Kate High Heel - Champagne

    The Kate High Heel Shoe in Champagne ( £14.99) is a must if you prefer neutral colourways for your outfits, creating a timeless look for that special day! Why not even accessorise it with the Kelly Glitter Clutch Bag also in the same colour? It would be the perfect match… just like the royal couple themselves!


    Esther Glitter Diamante Clutch Bag - Gold

    Do you want something more glitzy for a wedding? The Esther Glitter Diamante Clutch Bag (£11.99) is an absolute gem. With its stunning diamante droplets on the front, it will be sure to draw admiring glances from the other guests!

    Rylie Floral Diamante Clutch Bag

    One of our favourites here at SwankySwans, the beautiful Rylie Floral Diamante Clutch Bag could be the centrepiece of your wedding outfit. Whilst it’s faux suede, the detailing on it can’t be ignored and makes for a very stylish and elegant statement. It also looks expensive, but its only £17.99 so it’s a great bargain!

    Paige Stiletto High Heels

    Need a pair of shoes for a wedding but can’t find what you’re looking for? Then check out the Paige Stiletto High Heels in Beige, at just £18.50, they’re sure to add the finishing touches to your outfit. And being beige, they’ll go with lots of colours so you can wear these again and again.

    Arya Clutch Bag - Silver

    Dazzle with the Arya Clutch Bag in Silver! This faux leather clutch is finished with a bow detail and it’s big enough to fit your makeup and valuables in it. At just £16.99, it’s great value for money.

    We hope that this has given you some inspiration as to what you can accessorise your wedding outfit with and we have thousands of beautiful clutches, heels and much more besides. Whether you’re after glittery pieces or intricate lace designs, we just know you’ll find lots to love on the SwankySwans website. Will you be tuning into the Royal Wedding?

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  • 10 Trendiest Wedding Clutch Bags of the Season

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    1. Floral crush (£19.99)

    Match this beautiful clutch from Swanky Swans with your favourite outfit for a show stopping look that is sure to wow. The subtle white cover offers the perfect backdrop for gorgeous floral detailing, with gold elements providing a luxe feel.

    Shop here: http://bit.ly/2uFNtoL

    Floral Clutch

    1. Metallic madness (£10.99)

    A classic and timeless style, this beautiful clutch would look great teamed with your favourite evening outfit. A great clutch bag style at an amazing offer, this is the perfect bag for parties or wedding or just a night out.

    Shop here: http://bit.ly/2uG4kHT

    Metallic Madness

    1. Pretty in pink (£12.50)

    Add a touch of dazzle to your ensemble with the Natalie Diamante Clutch Bag. Sprayed with beautiful diamante crystals this bag will look beautiful by moonlight, with the classic shape making it an ideal accessory to store all of your essentials.

    Shop here: http://bit.ly/2uFtsi0

    Pretty pink

    1. Into the wild (£9.99)

    Look no further for that ideal wedding accessory with our Verna Clutch bag. With snakeskin effect detailing and sophisticated strap, this subtle shade of silver will look great with almost any outfit! How will you style yours?

    Shop here: http://bit.ly/2hKoIqu

    Into the wild

    1. Sparkle and Shine (£22.50)

    For the girl who loves some sparkle! The ideal clutch for a night out with the girls or evening wedding, our Lionel clutch will add that much need glamour to any occasion.

    Shop here: http://bit.ly/2uFONrJ

    Sparkle & Shine

    1. Elegance with ease (£14.99)

    Ladylike elegance is easily achievable with the Kendall lace clutch. In a beautiful pastel pink with lace detailing, this prim and proper little number was made for a sophisticate affair. Team with a pretty tea dress and heels for afternoon tea or afternoon wedding.

    Shop here: http://bit.ly/2uFn2zG

     Elegance with ease

    1. Rock and Roll (£19.99)

    Punk never looked so cool with the Ashley designer box clutch bag. With a designer vibe and embellishment details, this little gem would look great teamed with a little black dress and studded shoes…. It’s time to party!

    Shop here: http://bit.ly/2uG5VgR

    Rock & Roll

    1. It’s all white (£14.99)

    Simple, classic and iconic, the Chrissy envelope clutch is a practical and pretty design. The muted white tones pair perfectly with any style, and really is a blank canvas for every and any outfit.

    Shop here: http://bit.ly/2uFQk1b

    All White

    1. Glitz and glam (£14.99)

    For the ultimate magpie, introducing our Korie clutch. This slinky number adds plenty of luxe appeal - we’re thinking black tie and champagne receptions! Suitable for a number of glamorous events and proms, the neutral colour and silver sparkle will add a different element to any look, without stealing the limelight.

    Shop here: http://bit.ly/2uFuQRK

    Glam clutch

    1. Lace love (£13.99)

    A pretty option for weddings and events, the Holly lace clutch adds the perfect amount of elegance to a wedding ensemble. With an optional chain for when you need your hands free, the versatile nature of this clutch is apparent! Featuring grey tones, try teaming with a pastel blue dress for an elegant summer wedding.

    Shop here: http://bit.ly/2hJMMcL

     Lace Clutch

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