• They Make A Great Pair: The Best Monochrome Autumn/Winter Wardrobe Collaborations!

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    Four monochrome autumn/winter wardrobe collaborations that will be sure to make a scene this season! We’ll be serving you with looks for a date night, a chilled daytime, a day at the office and a wedding reception! Be prepared for every occasion with SwankySwans.
    Chic Date Night:
    You’ve just been asked out on a date night but you’re stuck for something to wear! Fear not Swans, we’re here to help…

    The Black Mylene Stiletto HeelsBack Kendal Patent Clutch Bag combination is giving us serious Paris Fashion Week vibes! The pair compliment each other perfectly and look the bees knees – but for an affordable price. Grab the shoes for only £19.99 and the bag for only £11.99, what more could you want? We think that these accessories would look amazing with a pair of black skinny jeans and a tailored blazer!


     Chilled Day Out:

    What better way to spend your day off than taking a nice walk around the local park or mooching the shops! Well Swans, whichever you decide to do, we have an outfit that is suitable for both…

    The White Kaylee Casual Trainers and Black Jenson Backpack are practical and casual! The trainers are here to provide you with maximum comfort so your day off is as enjoyable as it should be, oh and they’re only £13.99! We do know how to spoil you Swans!

     The affordable prices don’t stop there - the backpack can be yours for as little as £22.99, fully equipped with multiple pockets for extra storage, perfect for when you’re on the go! We think that these accessories would look great with a pair of dark blue skinny jeans and an autumnal red puffer coat!


    A Day at the Office:

    Want to be the hottest in the office this week Swans? If so, this killer combination is stylish, yet practical! We absolutely love it, and know you will too!

    Taking corporate chic to a whole new level with the Black Gogo Faux Suede Ankle Boots and Light Grey Marcella Cosmo Handbag! Did someone say, pay rise? That’s what you’ll be getting when you strut into work with these super stylish shoes for only £16.99 and your new £27.50 bag on Monday Morning, Swans! We think these accessories would look great with a pair of black tailored cigarette trousers and a patterned blouse of your choice, maybe leopard print if you’re feeling daring!


    Wedding Guest Vibes:

    We know how important it is to feel beautiful when attending the wedding of your nearest and dearest, and that’s why we’ve created this perfect combo to allow you to feel and look amazing for the big day!


    The Silver Diaz Stilleto Heels and Silver Macie Diamante Ring Clutch Bag are what dreams are made of, so classy and simply stunning! Dance the night away in these high heels for only £19.99 and be prepared for compliments all day when you flash your new clutch bag for as little as £21.99! We think these accessories would go perfectly with a navy blue dress of your choice!



    We hope these four monochrome autumn/winter collaborations have saved your wardrobe dilemmas, and provided you with further inspiration for the future. Be sure to browse our website for more killer combinations.

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  • Make it a December to remember…

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    With the cold weather and dark nights slowly making a return, it’s time to freshen up your winter wardrobe and make a cosy statement!

    Burgundy Beauts

    A classic burgundy statement bag completes any look. Our Ella Business Handbag is perfect for all occasions. Wear it as a stylish work bag, weekend drinks with the girls or just for carrying the bits and pieces that no doubt your kids will be demanding throughout the day…


    Us swans believe the bag matches perfectly with our Celeste Cat Print Scarf. They compliment each other, giving an effortless glam look! For just £7.99 this scarf will not only keep you warm, and fashionable but will save you a penny or two as well!


    Navy Needs

    The beauty of navy is that it goes with anything. Just because you’re wrapped up in a coat doesn’t mean you can’t show off your enviable style! This Samantha Navy Clutch shows off your sophisticated style matching perfectly with the Kelly Sparkle Fashion Scarf in blue.


    Boots, boots and more boots!

    Walking to work, shopping for groceries or even when you’re out on the school run - these boots are a sure-fire way to catch the attention of passers-by, making you stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons!
    These slip on Zoey Ankle boots are the perfect pair for all your office outfits. Hurry quick before they go!


    No need to worry about the weather with these boots! The school run will become even easier with a pair of these Tim Browns – added bonus too… they’re available in a wide variety of sizes!


    The perfect pair for all occasions, the Gogo Faux Suede boots will

    become your best friend. While the small block heel is practical and comfortable all day long, they still serve looks and make you strut in style!



    Don't forget to shop our full range here, comment below your favorite winter accessory!! 
    Team Swanky X

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  • Life Hacks: Save Your Soles

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    With owning a lot shoes comes a lot of responsibility; make life a walk in the park with these must-know shoe life hacks.

     #1 Leather Shoes Over time leather shoes can look a little tired, so by giving the leather a little polish with cream polish (which matches your shoe colour) and a careful rub over with a smooth cloth and warm water, your leather shoes will have its natural oils back and make them super soft, clean and rejuvenated. If you’re truly invested in your leather shoes and you’ve spent a large amount on them, investing in some quality leather cleaners may be worth looking into.   QUOTE1 #2 Getting Caught In the Rain As unpredictable as the British weather is, never get caught out when it comes to your beloved shoes. As soon as you can, stuff your shoes with newspaper as this will keep the shoes in shape and take out any moisture. Avoid using a hairdryer on leather shoes as this can shrink them! Let them dry naturally at room temperature. If you’re wearing shoes with a softer material, put them in the washing machine; remove the laces and place the shoes either in an old pillowcase or a shoe wash bag, tie the laces together and put them inside the wash bag with your shoes for a full clean! – Once washed, ensure to air dry and avoid putting them near anywhere hot, as this could damage the shape and material of your shoes. #3 Your Boots Are Made for Walking! If you didn’t already know, for those long nights out partying, your feet can become sore, especially in high heels as there is little support for your feet! To avoid this, grab yourself some gel cushions which are designed to mould itself to the shape of your heel, helping to avoid blisters and slipping out of your shoe! Another quick tip, you can also buy heel tip replacements to make sure your shoes never look worn down and always look brand new!   QUOTE2   #4 Racking It Up If you’ve ever needed an excuse to put your shoe collection on display it’s this; keeping your shoes in a location where they are either covered or stored in a way where they’re not touching other shoes, will ensure they avoid getting dirty and dusty. Purchasing a shoe rack or shoe storage zip bag is brilliant if you have lots of shoes and want to keep them all at their best! #5 Getting in Shape For tall boots, keeping their shape ensures they continue to fit well and makes sure they will always look their best. Tall boots can tend to flop, which can create creases and in certain materials this can make it look obvious that they’ve been left in an awkward position. To make sure they continue to stand tall, stuff your boots with objects such as rolled-up newspapers or even swimming pool float noodles, cut down to the length of your shoe will keep them straight up and in shape!   QUOTE3    #6 One Does Not Simply Own One Pair of Shoes In order to let your shoes breathe, it’s recommended you have at least three pairs of shoes you can alternately wear throughout the week, this is so you let your shoes relax, so that they take less wear and tear, last longer and also avoid smelling! If you feel you may have been a victim of this, never fear! By placing a handful of dry teabags into the shoe, the teabags will absorb any moisture and will also take away any odour, leaving your shoes fresh for a new day!  

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