• They Make A Great Pair: The Best Monochrome Autumn/Winter Wardrobe Collaborations!

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    Four monochrome autumn/winter wardrobe collaborations that will be sure to make a scene this season! We’ll be serving you with looks for a date night, a chilled daytime, a day at the office and a wedding reception! Be prepared for every occasion with SwankySwans.
    Chic Date Night:
    You’ve just been asked out on a date night but you’re stuck for something to wear! Fear not Swans, we’re here to help…

    The Black Mylene Stiletto HeelsBack Kendal Patent Clutch Bag combination is giving us serious Paris Fashion Week vibes! The pair compliment each other perfectly and look the bees knees – but for an affordable price. Grab the shoes for only £19.99 and the bag for only £11.99, what more could you want? We think that these accessories would look amazing with a pair of black skinny jeans and a tailored blazer!


     Chilled Day Out:

    What better way to spend your day off than taking a nice walk around the local park or mooching the shops! Well Swans, whichever you decide to do, we have an outfit that is suitable for both…

    The White Kaylee Casual Trainers and Black Jenson Backpack are practical and casual! The trainers are here to provide you with maximum comfort so your day off is as enjoyable as it should be, oh and they’re only £13.99! We do know how to spoil you Swans!

     The affordable prices don’t stop there - the backpack can be yours for as little as £22.99, fully equipped with multiple pockets for extra storage, perfect for when you’re on the go! We think that these accessories would look great with a pair of dark blue skinny jeans and an autumnal red puffer coat!


    A Day at the Office:

    Want to be the hottest in the office this week Swans? If so, this killer combination is stylish, yet practical! We absolutely love it, and know you will too!

    Taking corporate chic to a whole new level with the Black Gogo Faux Suede Ankle Boots and Light Grey Marcella Cosmo Handbag! Did someone say, pay rise? That’s what you’ll be getting when you strut into work with these super stylish shoes for only £16.99 and your new £27.50 bag on Monday Morning, Swans! We think these accessories would look great with a pair of black tailored cigarette trousers and a patterned blouse of your choice, maybe leopard print if you’re feeling daring!


    Wedding Guest Vibes:

    We know how important it is to feel beautiful when attending the wedding of your nearest and dearest, and that’s why we’ve created this perfect combo to allow you to feel and look amazing for the big day!


    The Silver Diaz Stilleto Heels and Silver Macie Diamante Ring Clutch Bag are what dreams are made of, so classy and simply stunning! Dance the night away in these high heels for only £19.99 and be prepared for compliments all day when you flash your new clutch bag for as little as £21.99! We think these accessories would go perfectly with a navy blue dress of your choice!



    We hope these four monochrome autumn/winter collaborations have saved your wardrobe dilemmas, and provided you with further inspiration for the future. Be sure to browse our website for more killer combinations.

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  • Make it a December to remember…

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    With the cold weather and dark nights slowly making a return, it’s time to freshen up your winter wardrobe and make a cosy statement!

    Burgundy Beauts

    A classic burgundy statement bag completes any look. Our Ella Business Handbag is perfect for all occasions. Wear it as a stylish work bag, weekend drinks with the girls or just for carrying the bits and pieces that no doubt your kids will be demanding throughout the day…


    Us swans believe the bag matches perfectly with our Celeste Cat Print Scarf. They compliment each other, giving an effortless glam look! For just £7.99 this scarf will not only keep you warm, and fashionable but will save you a penny or two as well!


    Navy Needs

    The beauty of navy is that it goes with anything. Just because you’re wrapped up in a coat doesn’t mean you can’t show off your enviable style! This Samantha Navy Clutch shows off your sophisticated style matching perfectly with the Kelly Sparkle Fashion Scarf in blue.


    Boots, boots and more boots!

    Walking to work, shopping for groceries or even when you’re out on the school run - these boots are a sure-fire way to catch the attention of passers-by, making you stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons!
    These slip on Zoey Ankle boots are the perfect pair for all your office outfits. Hurry quick before they go!


    No need to worry about the weather with these boots! The school run will become even easier with a pair of these Tim Browns – added bonus too… they’re available in a wide variety of sizes!


    The perfect pair for all occasions, the Gogo Faux Suede boots will

    become your best friend. While the small block heel is practical and comfortable all day long, they still serve looks and make you strut in style!



    Don't forget to shop our full range here, comment below your favorite winter accessory!! 
    Team Swanky X

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  • Finding the perfect bag: The lowdown

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    An important investment for any outfit, choosing the perfect bag can take time and thought. On average, a woman owns around 21 handbags in her lifetime, so we’ve selected our top five most important features to consider when choosing that all-important accessory. Take a look at our lowdown below to help choose the right bag for you!


    Probably one of the most important questions you will have to ask yourself is how and when will you be using your bag? What outfits will you be wearing with it? Answering these questions will help determine the style of handbag that you need – from smaller clutches for those nights out with the essentials to bigger satchel styles for work. For the more organised amongst you, compartments are practical for storing away different items in an easily accessible way, whilst those seeking comfort will want a shoulder strap.

    Perfect Handbag Lifestyle


    What essentials need to fit in your bag? If you’re not a self confessed hoarder and enjoy carrying a few daily basics, then you will love the freedom that comes with a smaller cross body handbag. For those of you who like to keep your life in your bag, a roomy tote can offer all of the space you need to store away your items.

    Perfect Handbag Size


    A big factor when it comes to purchasing a bag, price can be one of the most influential aspects when finding the perfect bag. For everyday wear, it is worth investing a little more money – you want something durable and good quality due to the wear and tear of everyday life.


    With classic neutral shades such as black, navy and grey suitable for everyday wear, why not mix it up with brighter colour's during the summer months and nights out?

    Perfect handbag colour

    Body type

    In addition to other factors, choosing the right bag for your shape can flatter your body – just like any other accessory you may be wearing. Slim and tall women can benefit from mid and oversized sized bags to keep them in proportion, whilst short and petite women appear taller with small handbags!

    Now it’s time to get shopping! Check out our range of beautiful handbags and find the perfect match for you! http://bit.ly/2u5PtHX


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  • The Ultimate Handbag Guide

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     Just when you think you’ve got the hang of fashion another trend comes along pretty quickly, it can be challenging and expensive to always be on trend but don’t forget trends come and go and come back again. We’ve put together a guide for all handbag lovers to ensure you always look your best. DO: Keep a Variety of Bags You Own If you’re a secret hoarder this first task may be difficult but it can also be refreshing, getting rid of old bags will not only give you more room, but should leave you with just the essentials. We advise to have one bag for each different environment, for example; Work: A medium or large bag is always handy; it ensures you have everything for the day ahead. Work bags tend to have a structured, leather or tote appearance and investing in a good sturdy work bag will save you money in the future, if you choose a basic colour of black, tan, burgundy or even cream you’ll always be in style, plus it makes getting ready in a morning much easier, as these colours go with everything! H1transparent Nights out: When on a big night out, the last thing any woman wants is to haul around a huge bag, but we still need something big enough for all our ‘night out essentials’ but small enough it doesn’t get in the way or become an accessory on the dance floor. A clutch bag is always a good start; some come with straps making it easier to carry and all come in a range of sizes, shapes and colours, making the clutch a perfect going out bag. Leisure Time: If you’re out with friends and family, having a small crossbody, satchel, messenger bag or mini backpack is the perfect accessory, however if you’ve planned a day of shopping then having a shopper bag, medium backpack or a trapeze handbag is great for extra storage. All these types of bags come in a huge range of designs and shapes, there’s no specific colour of choice and if you want to go a little quirky, choosing a pattern or bright and bold colour will ensure you stand out through every season. H2 Don’t: Have a Bag That Gets Bulky There are some bags that have a particular material that when filled to the brim with everything but the kitchen sink will be unable to disguise all those pointy corners, lumps and bumps. It makes your entire look appear messy and unorganised, so try and avoid these bags or only take what you really need. DO: Take Care of Your Bags This is an obvious one, especially if you’ve paid a lot of money for your dream bag, but taking care of your bag doesn’t just mean cleaning the exterior, if you carry a lot of pens in your bag make sure they’re in a plastic bag or an old make up bag to ensure if any ink spills it won’t spoil the interior. This same tip goes for clutch bags, putting any make-up such as lipsticks in a separate pouch will ensure your bag is good for another night out. Most bags can be easily cleaned with everyday cleaning products, for example, baby wipes on leather bags and patent bags will remove dirt spots. DO: Try and Pick a Bag for Your Shape If you’re interesting in delving deeper about what bag to choose, research into what types of bags flatter certain body shapes and how certain sizes or bags can change your entire appearance, this will come in useful when it comes to patterns, if you’re a fashionista who likes to mix and match patterns or you love a good block colour, see what works for you, it’s your style. H3  

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  • How to Find the Perfect Work Bag

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    With so many bags to choose from, how could you ever choose just the one? They pull together a look and can update a basic outfit. Your handbag looks after all the little essentials to your daily life. Combining practicality with style and function isn’t easy – cue the work-bag dilemma. If only you could contain your yoga pants, emergency snacks and all of your meeting notes in one…

    1) The modern woman’s work-bag should have space to easily slot a laptop and a separate pocket for your phone. SwankySwans Elle Business Bag is perfect for its spacious and tidy compartments.

    2) A good work-bag needs to be sturdy in order to carry all of your essentials. Make a list of all the items you carry on a daily basis (and the extra bits that get thrown in too). SwankySwans Sara Pocket Work Bag is sturdy and stylish and will try to withhold it all!

    3) Check that it is practical, preferably with three compartments. Channel Mary Poppins’ with some clever storage solutions.

    4) A work bag doesn’t have to be formal and neutral toned. You can still be smart and professional whilst showing some of your personality. Splash some sparkle into your work wardrobe and opt for a statement colour, unique details or a bold pattern.


    Head to www.swankyswans.co.uk for more information

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