Scarf Season - The Accessory You Can’t Live Without This Winter.

The winter is well and truly on its way Swans and as we head into December it’s time to think about how we’re going to stay warm, cosy and naturally glamorous during those cold and chilly days.
Coats and gloves are a naturally obvious choice, but how about teaming those up with what we think is the perfect accessory this winter – a scarf!
But how do you go about choosing the right one to suit your everyday style? Fear not Swans, we’ve put together this guide on staying cosy, yet glam this winter with our beautifully diverse range of scarves! There is truly something to suit everyone’s taste and style.

Norah Classic Check Pom Pom Winter Scarf Brown

The Norah Classic Check Pom Pom Winter Scarf is a classic winter staple. This will be sure to add a chic twist on any outfit you decide to pair it with. Due to the detail on this scarf, we believe that a simple, yet tasteful outfit would go perfectly, and would be ideal for a day out where keeping warm and looking fabulous are your two main priorities.



Ella Shimmery Slinky Party Wrap Up Winter Scarf Silver

The Ella Shimmery Silky Party Wrap Up Winter Scarf is serving major ice queen vibes! Sometimes wearing a coat over your favourite Christmas party dress can really take the attention away. Have you ever thought of draping a scarf over your shoulders instead? This adds elegance to your outfit, as well as keeping your arms and shoulders covered when you are exposed to the winter chills.


Sadie Women’s Knitted Faux Fur Pom Pom Winter Scarf Grey


The Sadie Women’s Knitted Faux Fur Pom Pom Winter Scarf is a cosy winter warmer! You can wear this scarf everyday throughout winter without getting tired of wearing the same one. This will go with any outfit you desire and is sure to save you lots of time, making those cold mornings a little bit more bearable.

Red Reindeer Christmas Scarf White


The Red Reindeer Christmas Scarf is just the cutest! Definitely a December staple with the lead up to Christmas around the corner. You can pair this with just about anything, it’s unique pattern will be sure to put a smile on anyone’s face during the festivities to come, and who doesn’t love that?


Swanky Swans are always on the ball with the latest trends for the best price! Start scarf season the right way and browse our website today.

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