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Hello Swans! It’s time for yet another wonderful blog post and our topic this time is, yes you’ve guessed it...prints! Whether you like subtle prints such as florals and butterflies or something very different and unique like Aztec and Mandala designs, we have a range of products to suit most tastes. So, let’s begin. 

Serena Aztec Large Print Backpack Beige

Our first print item is this stunning Aztec inspired backpack. Lately, we’ve seen Aztec and Mandala patterns make a comeback and have really taken off in terms of popularity. We can see why, with such intricate details and patterns which are very easy on the eye. This is one of our favourite items (but don’t tell anyone we said that), and as an added bonus, it would make a great travel accessory! 

Punk Pop Art Backpack

Another backpack to make the list is the Punk Pop Art print - we think Roy Lichtenstein himself would be proud of this beauty! The thing with pop art is it’s a very ‘out there’ and quirky design that easily attracts attention. Whether you’re at school or college, be the person that isn’t afraid to stand out with this backpack. Plus, it’s spacious enough for all of your essentials - making this bag a winner in our eyes! 

Hayley Floral Large Purse Light Blue

One for the floral fans, this purse is simply gorgeous yet elegant. Set in a light blue colour, the floral pattern on this is so dainty and feminine and has a great mix of colours from red, pink, green, yellow and white. This is the ideal gift for someone who is a keen gardener or just loves flowers. 

Bella Small Polka Dot Purse Pastel Blue 

How cute are polka dots? The thing about this design is that you can’t really go wrong with it, because it pretty much goes with any bag, outfit and style. They always reminds us of retro and vintage fashion, so if this is your thing make sure you have polka dot print in your wardrobe!

Jace Geometric Triangle Scarf Beige

We’ve mentioned Aztec, so we couldn’t resist mentioning Geometric prints too! The pattern on this scarf is quite simply amazing due to the amount of detailing and depth. Our scarves have a number of uses, from your everyday casual outfit to beach sarongs. So why not go all out and indulge in a snazzy Geometric print?

Casper Butterfly Print Crossbody Bag in Beige

Oh how we love butterflies! There is nothing as calming or graceful than seeing a butterfly flutter past you on a warm, summer's day. So that’s why we’ve chosen this stunning messenger bag. It’s elegant and graceful just like a beautiful butterfly. Perfect for a trip round the shops, or for a day out to fit all of your essentials in. 

Ellie Elephant Print Crossbody Bag in Beige

So, our last product in this post is dedicated to the mighty elephant! If you’re a fan of elephants then you’ll love this design. We even have a purse available in the same print so why not treat yourself and get it to match? This crossbody bag is ideal as an everyday bag, because it’s big and wide enough to fit everything in. 

That’s our lowdown on prints and as you can see, we have a big range that suits any taste whether it’s florals, animals or jazzy patterns. We’d like to know what your favourite print or pattern is? Let us know in the comments! Don’t forget to visit for our full range of products.

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