Pain, Pain, Go Away – How To Break in Your New Shoes

Pain, Pain, Go Away – How To Break in Your New Shoes

We’re sure you agree Swans, that buying a new pair of shoes is definitely a blissful experience. From spotting your new found loves to adding them to your cart and then finally welcoming them into your ever-growing shoe collection. It’s a recipe for instant happiness. But then you wear them for the first time and two hours later you realise you’re in agonising pain! Suddenly you’re not so happy anymore. You start to think… How can something so beautiful hurt me so badly? Breaking in a brand new pair of shoes can often prove to be an uncomfortable experience, but we’ve compiled some tips for you to follow to help you avoid the heartbreak of never wanting to wear your new heels again.

Option 1: Let’s Take it Slow

What’s the worst mistake you can make after purchasing a pair of new shoes? Wearing them for an entire day for the first time - no breaks, no plasters, no back-ups. Take our Ola Heel Ankle Boots for example; they’re fabulous and we wouldn’t be able to wait to show them off either but we highly recommend that you fight the impulse. Start by wearing them in short bursts around the house before you take them out into the world. This will not only stop them from causing you an excruciating amount of pain, but being in the comfort of your own home means you have the option to take a break!

Option 2: The Freezer Trick

This hack’s for all the ladies who don’t have the time – or possibly the patience – to break in new shoes little by little. It’s super simple; fill two plastic freezer bags with water and place them in the toe area of each shoe. Then just leave your shoes in the freezer overnight. As crazy as it sounds, it really does work! As the water freezes it will expand inside your shoes and stretch out your toe area. Just make sure you don’t over fill the water bags as you don’t want to end up over stretching your shoes!

Option 3: Protect Your Feet

It’s no secret that your feet are covered in hotspots which are prone to blisters. The most common spots are usually on the heel area and at the sides and tops of the toes. If you’re not sure about where your problem areas are, walk around in your new shoes for a while and you’ll soon be able to find them. The key objective with this hack is to prevent your feet from becoming battered by blisters which are caused by friction between the skin on your foot and the material of the shoes.

How do you reduce friction you ask? Plasters. And lots of them. Apply them all over your hotspots before you put on your shoes and make sure you keep a box with you at all times as a backup for any emergency situations. Short of plasters? You can use paper tape too. Remember to keep your feet completely moisturised too – dry skin rubs a lot more than hydrated skin.

Heels can be a little trickier as you’ll find you’ll develop blisters on the balls of your feet as well as on the other hotspots we’ve mentioned. Imagine you’ve just purchased a pair of our Paige Stiletto Heels and you need to wear them the same day for your girls night later on. You dread the moment they’ll begin to hurt and end up cutting your night short but there’s no need for you to panic. We’ve got you covered. All you need is a pair of Foot Factory Gel Foot Cushions to keep your feet from feeling like they’re in shoe hell and ensure you’re able to stay standing – or dancing - till the end of the night!

Option 4: Saviour Socks

This one’s really easy, Swans. For this hack, you’ll need to dig around at the bottom of your sock drawer until you find the chunkiest socks that you own. Let’s say you’ve just had your new Hailey Ankle Boots delivered to wear as part of your autumn outfits for work. Get started by putting on your chunky socks and then your new boots and start walking - it’s probably best to do this at home, unless you’re down with the whole thick-socks-showing look. The socks will act as soft and comfy armour against all unwanted friction and they’ll also start to stretch your shoe material. Be patient though, this will be a slow process. If you’re short on time, try wearing your chunky socks and new boots while you’re at work instead. It’s easy to do this secretly under your desk or during your break times.

Option 5: Heat it Up

We’re sure a lot of you already know about this hack but let us jog your memory. Before you start you’ll need to keep in mind that this trick may be a danger to some types of synthetic materials, so checking to see if your shoes will be able to handle the heat first is essential to avoiding any tears.

So your impulse buy Daria Chelsea Boots have just arrived but they feel a little tight for wear but you really need to wear them the next day. You’ll need to grab your chunky socks again for this one and also plug in your hairdryer. Start by putting your socks on and then follow with your new beauties. Find all of the spots where your shoes feel particularly tight and blast those areas with heat for around 30 seconds - keeping your hairdryer far enough away to stop your feet from burning – and quickly walk around while they’re still hot to loosen up the shoe material. For this hack to work you’ll need to keep the shoes on - socks and all - until they’ve cooled down completely so the material stays stretched and moulded around your feet. Now you’re all set to rock your new purchase straight away!

So there you have it Swans; a list of helpful hacks to help you stop from experiencing the painful part of breaking in your new shoes. And the best part? If one doesn’t work right for you, you can try another one. Happy shoe shopping ladies!

Disclaimer: The tips we have suggested in this article are not be suitable for all shoe types. Some materials are more sensitive to others and are not compatible with these methods. Please check the materials of your shoes are suitable before attempting to try any of the methods listed to prevent damaging your purchase.
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