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Selena GomezSelena Gomez

Well Miss Gomez you have defined the perfect travel outfit in this beautifully casual outfit yet it looks better than 95% of my going out clothes. The former Disney star & singing sensation arrived at LAX Airport in a comfy crimson lounge-wear with a pair of strapping white stilettos topped of with a simple yet beautiful Louis Vuitton handbag. This simple yet effective outfit is why it is our "Outfit of the Day", its not all about dresses & skirts you know...

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I think the suit what Selena is wearing, is idel for travelling.
She looks so relaxed and cool, not all sticky. The sandels are OK but to be honest I only wear flatties now. The handbags are very very nice. I love handbags, I can’t afford a lot but that one you have got is very nice, big, carry all your bits and pieces whilst travelling, book, phone, mags have had my hair dryer and pjs and god knows what in my handbags.

Audrey Naylor

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