New Year…

With NYE just around the corner, we’re sure many of you must be thinking about making some new year’s resolutions – we know we are! Do you find you end up following the same pattern every year? You make the same cliché resolutions to join a gym and give up pizza - this one rarely sticks - on January 1st but end up breaking them before the week ends. Well, let us help you out by sharing some resolutions you’ll definitely want to keep all year round.

New You

This one’s for all the ladies who have been admiring the wonderful world of makeup from the sidelines. You’ve Pinned a thousand different makeup looks you want to try out but you have no idea where to begin. Why not start the year with the magic of highlighting/contouring or strobing?

Let’s establish the difference between the two first. The main difference is that you always couple highlighter with contouring while strobing is strictly single and leaves you with a dreamy, dewy finish. Both techniques mean highlighting pretty much everywhere – all the highest points of your beautiful face. If you’re stuck on where to start, why not try your hand at some simple strobing with the W7 It’s Strobe Time Powder Kit for £4.99? Or try highlighting like a pro with the W7 Cream Highlighter for only £3.99!

New Job

Whether you’re starting your dream job, you’ve landed a promotion or you’re simply transferring departments, the thrill of a new beginning is always the same and it brings with it the exciting prospect of a brand new wardrobe! While accessories add the finishing touches to our work ensembles, they often remain neglected while clothes become our main focus. So Swans, why don’t you join us in paying more attention to accessorising in the coming new year?

If you’re new to accessorising, the easiest place to start is with your handbag. Our Marcella Cosmo Work bag in grey is a fabulously chic choice if you’re looking for a versatile bag to match all of your work outfits. It comes complete with a brilliant laptop compartment for only £27.50! If bright and bold is more your thing, our quirky blue Elle Business Handbag – also £27.50 - may be a better choice for you! Our personal office favourite has to be the Amy Envelope Work Handbag at £29.99. This beauty comes in six different colourways for all of you boss-ladies to choose from!

New Baby

Taking your first steps into motherhood is an incredible time but one in which you, naturally, put yourself second so your fashion focus may be a little off whilst you’re enjoying your gorgeous newborn. Whether you’re a new mum or a yummy mummy-to-be, you don’t need to lose your sense of style as you enter this new chapter of your life! Why not choose this magical time to evolve your style instead?

Let’s begin with something simple… Baby changing bags. We know what you’re thinking, they’re not exactly the most stylish of accessories to carry. But who says they can’t be? Our Gigi Faux Leather Cross-Body bag is both fabulous and functional and it’s only £19.99! The Noel Paris Butterfly Satchel (£19.99) is another affordable and stylish solution which will definitely make you want to ditch any boring changing bags you may have! If you’re more of a hands-free mummy, our Joseph & Mary Backpack is perfect for you. With four different colourways currently to choose from at only £22.99, it’s no wonder they’re disappearing fast!

New Term

Ok, ok, this one’s more for your little ones than for you. But what can be better than putting a smile on their faces before they go back to school? Anyone who says parenting is easy obviously hasn’t experienced the dreaded back-to-school shop. Buying a new uniform? Easy. Buying a new bag? Let the tantrums begin. Why not keep it simple this year by finding your mini-me something they’ll love?

To make it easier, we thought we’d share our favourite school bag picks with you. How cute is the Pembleton Owl Classic backpack? This fun print is a sure way to get your little one excited about their first day back. The best part? It’s on sale for £9.99! Here’s a bag for the not-so-little one, the Naples Cosmo City handbag (£24.99) is available in wait for it… Nine different colourways! With enough space for all their school books and a huge range to choose from, it leaves no room for tantrums. Our all-time favourite is the Nina Reversible Tote bag in navy and grey. This one is only £24.99 and comes complete with a matching envelope purse, making it perfect for any fashionista in-training!

Let’s not forget about college and university students. You’ve had a long break and it’s time to head back. Why not add a little glamour to student life by treating yourself to a new book bag before term starts? Our stylish Beau Backpack is available, currently, in two different colourways and comes with its own matching tablet case for only £22.99! If you prefer handbags, our Berlin Work City Bag is perfect for you. It comes complete with its own laptop compartment and five colourways to choose from all for under £30! No need to break the bank this season.

New Look

We’re all familiar with the phrase ‘new year, new you’ but we’re thinking more along the lines of ‘new year, new style for 2018’. Ok Swans, you’ve got us. This one may be a slight cliché, but when it comes to fashion, there’s nothing wrong with changing it up now and again. Whether you’re bored of your wardrobe or just looking to try something new, the best place to start is with your accessories.

Changing your look can be quite daunting which is why it’s important to start small and ease your way into the rest. Let’s begin with footwear. If you’re looking to up your boot game in the new year, the Clara Ring Ankle boots are a fabulously chic place to start! At only £19.99, they’ll make a great addition to any shoe-robe. Beat the winter blues by pairing these boots with our cute Mandy Micro Owl Print scarf for £4.99! If you’re not feeling the faux suede, step out in style in our Skyla Faux Leather Ankle boots. They’re 100% cruelty-free and at only £17.99, they’re completely budget friendly too!

There you have it, some simple and exciting resolutions you’ll want to keep all year. We’re wishing you all a very happy new year, Swans from all of the SwankySwans team! See you all in 2018!

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