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It’s Friday evening and you’re getting ready to head out with your girl squad for a night out. You reach for a black dress and remember you wore it to your Christmas work-do last month, “but it’s so comfortable and easy to accessorise,” you think to yourself before putting it on. When it comes to fashion, we all have our own individual comfort zones, whether it’s throwing on a safe pair of jeans with a t-shirt, wearing the same shoes everyday or using the same handbag for everything, we fall into a style routine which we become afraid to change.

Swans, we’ve all heard the saying “nothing great ever happens in your comfort zone,” so why not try stepping out of yours this year to achieve your fashion goals? If you need inspiration, you’ve come to the right place. Here are a few different ways to revolutionise your style for 2018!

Workplace Wonders

When it comes to leaving the safety of your comfort zone, you don’t need to drastically modify your whole wardrobe to achieve it. Take it a step at a time, start off small and work your way up to the bigger changes.

Let’s begin with your work bag. As boss-ladies it’s safe to say we spend a lot of time at our places of work and so it’s very easy to fall into the habit of carrying the same handbag day-in-day-out. We find ourselves instinctively reaching for neutral shades of black and brown so this year, why not add a splash of colour to your work looks with the Bonn Cosmo handbag? With colourways ranging from bright yellow to pink and burgundy, there’s a handbag to suit any outfit for only £22.50!

Scarves are another great way to change up your professional fashion. They’re simple to style and add a gorgeous finishing touch to any ensemble. Our personal favourite has to be the Carly Rose Gold Feather collection. Simple and elegant with a touch of blushing rose gold, this collection lifts any look for only £7.99!

Why not add the Luna Faux Fur ankle boots for only £19.99? These beauties are both striking and completely cruelty-free to help give you peace of mind while you work on expanding your area of fashion comfort.

Party Glam

Do you find yourself committed to your LBD on nights out? While it’s an essential feature in any wardrobe, it can start to feel slightly dull when over-worn. The best way to leave the LBD bubble of safety is to start with your accessories – baby steps, Swans.

Let’s begin with your bag, instead of reaching for the plain and neutral clutch you always use, add a pop of colour with the Samantha V Detail for only £14.99. Available in 20 – yes 20! – beautiful colourways, you’re sure to find one to suit your style. Why not add a pair of stunning Mylene Stiletto heels to your outfit for £19.99? Available in four different colourways, these beauties mirror the famous Valentino style but come minus the heart-breaking price tag!

Finish off by adding a small, sophisticated touch to your new look with the gorgeous Lydia Faux Fur wrap for only £14.99.

Makeup Routine

Ahh the wonderful world of makeup! You’ve sat there and watched endless tutorials on how to perfectly blend eyeshadow and create the sharpest eyeliner wing, but you’re yet to actually try these techniques for yourself. It’s not that you don’t want to, it’s just that you don’t feel like you can pull them off – that’s just your comfort zone holding you back Swans!

Changing your makeup routine is the simplest way to grow your comfort zone and the easiest place to start is with your lipstick! Neutral shades are so last year, we think that 2018 is definitely going to be the year of the bold lip so why not be courageous and introduce the W7 Mega Matte Liquid lipstick collection to your makeup bag for only £6.99? With colours ranging from daring red to fuchsia pink, you’re sure to find a new shade to fall in love with!

Next step: introduce colour to your eyelids. We all have eyeshadow palettes with shades that remain untouched because we’re afraid of using them the wrong way – hands up if you’re guilty of doing this ladies – but it’s time to finally make use of them. The W7 Gel To Powder eye cushions make an ideal addition to any makeup collection. The highly pigmented palettes are perfect for creating the ultimate smokey eye or glittering gold lid, and the best part? They’re only £8.99!

Finish your new look with a pair of our Amazing Shine lashes for only £3.49. They’re an ideal way to add emphasis to your look without having to step too far out of the safety net of your comfort zone.

Everyday Casual

This is probably the hardest thing to make changes to. While your everyday style should be simple and comfy, it doesn’t necessarily need to feel drab and boring. You can vary your style by simply accessorising your outfits differently.

We find the best place to start is with our shoes. Your everyday shoes need to be comfortable enough to run errands in but also fashion-forward to match your outfit. Our Jasmine Diamante trainers are both stylish and functional which makes them perfect for daily wear. At only £12.99, they won’t break the bank either!

Match the Arabella Faux Suede backpack to your new shoes for £24.99. This beauty is the perfect size for storing your everyday essentials in and it comes in six gorgeous colourways for you to choose from!

If you’re more of a handbag person, the Kelly Two Tone bag is a great way to add a sophisticated touch to your daily look. With four fabulous colourways to choose from at £24.99, you’ll want to get yours before they disappear.

It’s often difficult to step away from the familiarity of your comfort zone but once you do it, you’ll find a whole new world of fashion that becomes available for you to explore. Take it one step at a time and see how eventually, your bolder style pieces will feel like a natural part of your wardrobe! Shop your new look on the SwankySwans site today and get a free scarf with all orders over £20.


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