How to Find the Perfect Work Bag

With so many bags to choose from, how could you ever choose just the one? They pull together a look and can update a basic outfit. Your handbag looks after all the little essentials to your daily life. Combining practicality with style and function isn’t easy – cue the work-bag dilemma. If only you could contain your yoga pants, emergency snacks and all of your meeting notes in one…

1) The modern woman’s work-bag should have space to easily slot a laptop and a separate pocket for your phone. SwankySwans Elle Business Bag is perfect for its spacious and tidy compartments.

2) A good work-bag needs to be sturdy in order to carry all of your essentials. Make a list of all the items you carry on a daily basis (and the extra bits that get thrown in too). SwankySwans Sara Pocket Work Bag is sturdy and stylish and will try to withhold it all!

3) Check that it is practical, preferably with three compartments. Channel Mary Poppins’ with some clever storage solutions.

4) A work bag doesn’t have to be formal and neutral toned. You can still be smart and professional whilst showing some of your personality. Splash some sparkle into your work wardrobe and opt for a statement colour, unique details or a bold pattern.


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