Guess What…? We Have Some Pretty Clutch Bags For You!

Hi Swans! It’s that time again, yes another blog post and we’ll be highlighting some of our best clutch bags. Whether you need one at the very last minute for an occasion such as a wedding or you simply want to add to your collection, take a look at our wonderful selection.

Oscar Clutch Bag Grey

What can we say about the Oscar Clutch Bag? Whilst it’s a bit more simplistic compared to our other clutches sometimes that’s all you need for an outfit. This would work well with neutral coloured tones, especially if you don't want too much going on. The style of this clutch is an envelope flapover so it looks very elegant. At just £14.99, it’s definitely an all rounder as it can be worn for casual, day wear, evening wear and occasions.

Kendall Lace Clutch Bag Champagne

The Kendall Lace Clutch is part of our Rose Gold range and because of the gorgeous detailing on the design, it’s perfect for a wedding accessory. After all, you don’t need to take too much to a wedding just your main essentials! This bag is the right size for that and for only £14.99, you’ll have a bag which will complete your look.

Willa Glitter Bow Clutch Bag Black

Looking for something that’s a little bit different and unique? Then the Willa Glitter Bow may be right up your street! This black clutch bag has the combination of sparkles, glitter and bows. Complete with delicate little droplets all over with a gorgeous bow in the middle, this flapover clutch is faux leather (ideal if you’re vegan) and is the ultimate party accessory!

Cedar Floral Slim Clutch Bag Teal

This clutch is one of our favourites (we can’t help but love it!) simply because it has an Oriental feel to it, with the way the florals blend together on the design. It has a magnetic button strap so is easy enough to close, ensuring your belongings are safe! It also comes in dark blue, white and pink.

Thea Box Clutch Bag Beige

How cute is this? You can now be a Queen Bee with this stunning clutch, which is complete with a bee and floral embellishment on the front. It also comes in a range of colourways from pink to black!

Blake Diamante Clutch Bag Gold

Want to add some finesse and definition to your look? The Blake Diamante Clutch is a unique design which mixes faux satin with gorgeous diamantes. There’s plenty of colourways to choose from including gold, ivory, navy blue and black!

That’s just some of our stunning clutch bags which we have on our website. As you can see, we have an excellent selection for you to choose from whatever the occasion! You can view them all here.

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