Every Woman’s Fundamental Bag Collection

Bags are the ultimate accessory as they compliment a number of outfits – it is a well known view that a girl can never have too many bags! To most women wearing a bag is as essential as wearing underwear, so it is vital to have a good selection.  Just as skinny jeans and a little black dress are essential clothing items, there is a staple bag collection that every woman should have in her closet.   To start off with, every woman needs a medium-sized everyday handbag.  Aside from the appropriate size – is it large enough to fit personal belongings, make-up, anything you need for work etc – it needs to be versatile.  An everyday bag needs to match whatever you are wearing, which could be any number of different outfits! This is why most women have quite a few everyday handbags, for example a summer and winter handbag.  You may wish to use a classic brown leather handbag for winter, and brighten up your ensemble with a floral pattern or vivid bag for the warmer months.   There are also certain occasions where a typical everyday handbag isn’t appropriate and you need a smaller bag, or a bag that matches the shoes, or a more formal handbag.  Small satchel crossbody bags are very fashionable this season, and come in a range of colours to match almost all outfits.  Another trend straight from the catwalk is metallic; a statement metallic handbag is one of the easiest ways to be right on trend this year.   At least one clutch bag is needed in every woman’s essential bag collection, as a hand-held bag makes an ensemble effortlessly elegant.  From patent and two tone handbags to funky tribal prints, there is a huge range of clutch bags to choose from.   Finally, every woman needs a stylish weekend bag to take away on short breaks or to they gym.  The ideal weekend bag should be practical and easy to carry, but still be feminine and work as an asset to your outfit.  Whether it displays a bright statement print or is a chic and simple affair, the right weekend bag is an important addition to the fundamental collection.   A stylish bag is just as essential as a stylish outfit – so make sure your fundamental bag collection is complete. img_2D_000347502130bella leather55karma-pink
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