Black Friday Boot Camp (A Guide to the Madness)

1) Start Ahead of Time Many major retailers launch their Black Friday sales as early as two weeks before the official day. Last year, Gap offered "Bright Friday" markdowns of up to 60 percent starting the day before the actual day, and this year Amazon are posting daily "Black Friday" deals in a bid to help them clear stock before the mayhem that happens on the 27th.


2) Wants/Needs ONLY! Make a list of items you would like or want. Don’t impulse buy as this will just make you will end up spending more money, cancelling out any amazing savings you could have made.


3) Don't become "Hangry" (hungry & angry) Don’t forget to wake up early and have breakfast. Shopping can be exhausting - a 30 minute shopping trip can burn lots of calories and getting hungry means tempers fraying & we can all get a little crazy if we see a pair of high heels at a reduced price. PRO-TIP DEHYDRATION: put a bottle of water in your bag to keep you hydrated while shopping.


4) Download Apps By downloading the right Smartphone shopping apps, you can check prices and track down friends when you get separated. Here are some of my favorite free shopping apps that I use on Black Friday:

• ShopSavvy: With ShopSavvy, all you do is scan the bar-code on any item and instantly compare the price to prices offered online and at nearby stores. • Black Friday App: If you don’t want to tote ads from store to store, the Black Friday app allows you to fit them in your pocket. The app includes all the Black Friday ads, with sale hours and store information. • Nifti: If you’re wondering if that flat screen TV really is a good deal, Nifti tracks prices based on historical sales data. It can tell you if the Black Friday price is really worth it.


5) Do it in your Pyjamas! NO! I do not mean going to the store in them... Come on people, have some pride! I mean if you're like me & hate queuing why move from your couch some of the best deals on Black Friday can be found on the old interweb. So get yourself a lovely cup of tea & a few chocolate biccy's for energy & do your shopping online.

Untitled-1 Final Word Black Friday is right around the corner, so now is the time to start preparing. With proper planning and sufficient research, you can snatch up great deals and have a lot of fun doing it. Plan a schedule and a strategy, and stick to it. After all, what’s better than saving hundreds or possibly thousands of pounds on purchases you need to make anyway? What other ideas do you have for saving on Black Friday? Do you prefer to shop online, or do you hit the stores? Comment Below.

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