Autumn Leaves a "New Bag" Please

Autumn is a time for new beginnings as fresh challenges await upon us, for some its returning to a familiar setting heading "back to school", for others it may be a little bit more of a step... or should I say leap as you may be flying the nest to enter a new coup they call "University" & for those who have already flown & are now paving their way in society are faced with new challenges that are sure to arise perhaps a new job or even a promotion are just to name a few. Its also a time given to us in hope that we can reinvent ourselves and what better way to do that other then selecting an exquisite new bag. SwankySwans new collection for fall 2015 has choice selection of trendy chic handbags to offer for every fashionista out there. SARA ENVELOPE STRUCTURE HANDBAG Black Sarah Structure Handbag Outfit SwankySwans Autumn/Winter 2015 Collection start off here with the classy SARA ENVELOPE STRUCTURE HANDBAG, a timeless style that all women should have amongst their collection of bags. The abiding slick black handbag & its ability to combine a woman's elegance, their class & knowledge of being practical in a versatile bag which can be used for everyday scenarios. This particular SWANKYSWAN original has a gold zip running down the middle which opens the bag wide giving it a unique look, accompanied by two further twin compartments giving it a neat chic demeanour to be filled with many day to day necessities that can be organised. An outer pocket is placed at the front to finish of this alluring handbag & is legitimately the perfect bag to update your work wardrobe. HUDSON SNAKESKIN TRIM HANDBAG Hudson Snakeskin Trim Handbag Next up is the HUDSON HANDBAG in burgundy, a wonderful design with its spacious layout it becomes a useful handbag for almost any situation. With its snakeskin trim setting this gorgeous handbag out from the crowd, you know heads will be turning as you walk around with this statement of intent which reads along the lines of "I know winters coming & ill be waiting". HARPER LEOPARD PRINT HANDBAG idea 1 harpar bag Finally we have our daring leopard skin design handbag, the most outlandish out of our collection but a must have for all women. A bag that speaks volumes with the glistening gold pattern of the print contr  asting against the black it sets this bag of perfectly. Inside there are 2 compartments that are spacious with 2 sub pockets within each. The light pattern on the inside allows you to see into the bag clearly which can be vital when trying to find your phone when its ringing for the 5th time. The Leopard skin pattern bag is a bold proclamation but as Autumn is a time to reinvent yourself, use this bag as a bold style statement.
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