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SwankySwans 5 Gorgeous Winter Combos

It’s difficult to predict the weather and with Christmas around the corner we’re all waiting for those blistery cold nights and frosty mornings. If you’re still getting your winter wardrobe ready we recommend you pair up items in a combination to ensure you’re never caught out in the cold. Winter is the perfect opportunity to layer up with coats and scarves, it’s also wise to dress your feet with good sturdy boots that not only look great but they’ll keep you on your toes! And nothing looks better than matching accessories; personally I love a good Bag-Shoe combo, regardless of time or season. 1# If you’re struggling for a colour theme this festive season, Black and Gold can never go wrong, the shops are littered with Black and Gold accessories, from shoes to jewellery, it’s really easy to mix and match if you have two bold statement colours. For this combo we’ve chosen some gorgeous Black boots with a Gold statement heel, these statement heels are really catching on, as the shoe itself is suitable for day or night but gives you the opportunity to accessories for evenings events with added colours, also with the Christmas party lights shining off your shoes you’ll definitely stand out from the crowd. To go with our stunning boots, naturally you need a Gold Glitter Clutch bag, you could also choose a black bag to match rest of the shoe but with the Gold teasing its way in, we wanted to make it a feature of the outfit. Style with a long gold chain and a little black dress and your ready to go!     new1   2# Sometimes you can’t go wrong with something simple; you’re best denim jeans or dark leggings and some wedge boots! They’re extremely comfortable, give you a little height and can be dressed up or down. Pairing our Fur Collared Boots with a gorgeous Leopard Print Tote Bag gives you that kick of sophistication without having to dress up; putting all this together with a large fur lined coat would look fabulous, even when you’re not trying. new2    3# For this combo we’re inspired by those days when you just want to be comfortable. Sometimes the relaxed look can be great, keeping your accessories to a minimum and only wearing what you really need. So we’ve put together some really cute silver studded pumps which are easy to wear with leggings or jeans and seeing as they’re super fashionable this season, we’ve chosen a large Aztec Print Backpack, perfect for carrying all your essentials. new3   4# Graphic bags are going to be huge next season, so why not grab one now for that winter wardrobe and be ahead of the trend. To go with our foxy satchel we’ve paired it with some suede ankle boots, the feature belt on the boots gives it extra character by mixing materials and textures. If you really fancy it, you can also find the matching purse on our store, to go with our foxy satchel. new4   5# Finally our no.5 is just for fun, if you’ve been keeping up to date with all the runway news then you’ll know a big trend for the next season is graphical or object bags, there is going to be a huge selection of bags to choose from as the designs of limitless. Our take for this combo is our quirky Cab clutch bag; it includes a small handle for easy carrying and looks really unique. We’ve decided to pair this gorgeous bag, with some chunky leather quilt patterned boots, the leather combo is really fun and would look perfect with some leather look leggings or dark denim jeans and are great for a night out. new5  


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