5 Fictional Book Characters That Get Us All "Hot & Bothered"

"Ever been reading a novel (particularly romance!) where you suddenly fall deeply in love with the lead character & therefore you look at every man from there on out with instant judgement that they will never be as good! Well it has happened to me on many occasions & here are my..."

Top 5 Fictional Book Characters

giphy1) Edward Cullen

You may not be a lover of the Twilight series but it's hard to deny how perfectly loving Mr Cullen is described in the novels. The way he cannot bare to live without her, to not even be away for short periods of time is sweet for me... some may think its creepy! Oh & did I mention in the film adaptations Robert "Frickin" Pattinson plays him!

f8c14210a74f9b3fd5776ee07fb90ed62) Heathcliff

A truly tragic character that many have interpreted in different ways throughout the years. A subject to the capitalist society you just cannot help but fall in love with the rugged bad boy in Heathcliff! From Tom Hardy to Laurence Olivier their has been some fine men that play this amazing character.

10-The-Great-Gatsby-quotes3) Jay Gatsby

A man who pursued the love of a women until his tragic death, committing his entire life to winning her over by any means necessary a truly symbolic character of the American dream... also King Leo has played him & that says a lot.

tumblr_n9bgurV6Gn1trldaio1_5004) Christian Grey

If you're making a list on male characters that get you all hot & bothered, how can you not include this man! He may be into some stuff that well... we will leave that there! But this mysterious man with a heart of gold will always be in my list... for some other reasons as well! *Cough* *Cough*

tumblr_mkdrtpygpz1s8fewoo1_5005) Noah Calhoun

The Notebook... need I say more when I first read this all I could think about was the character Noah & how he literally would do anything for her! Their eventual union is one to remembered plus you get great quotes like the one above! Also if you watch the film theirs a certain Mr Ryan Gosling in it... just thought I would mention that.

So that's out list, was there any we missed out? Who is your top 5? Let us know!

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