10 Stages of Monday

Mondays! What is there to be said that hasn't already been! we all hate them & here is our 10 stages of Monday everyone goes through! Enjoy!

1) Your longtime nemesis "The Alarm" goes off.


2) You switch on the bedroom light... & you temporarily go blind from the light!


3) Since you are now blind from turning on the light, you have no idea what your makeup situation looks like. You are too busy trying to motivate yourself by putting on your best fake "Work Smile".


4) Saying an emotional goodbye with your bed...


4) You arrive at work & think I need some coffee... You proceed to the kitchen, where you find the coffee pot is empty... AGAIN! You know its Dave in management it's always Dave, Dave with his perfect hair & "I am always happy" attitude. Everyone hates Dave & today Dave just made it on to your list.


5) When Sharon (Your work gal pal) asks how your feeling today... After this she decides to approach you with more caution.


6) You open your emails... which you haven't checked ALL Weekend!


7) You make it to lunch where you can now feast until your stomach is satisfied


8) Then you realize... "YOU'RE ON A DIET" & all you can have is a bloody lettuce leaf! This pushes you over the edge! You do not speak to anyone for the rest of the day & contemplate how to get revenge on Dave for the coffee incident this morning.


9) Its 5! You have finished work, you & your work colleagues leave in a state of euphoria with a sense of achievement & you can go home, relax & get ready for another night of reality of a drama TV...


10) As you are sat engaged on the sofa in another night of reality drama eating some Ben & Jerries (because lets face it you were not going to make it through Monday on a diet) You have the realization that in 8 hours you have to got through the ordeal again! & you have to see that coffee stealing smiling Dave tomorrow AGAIN! So much for "Monday Blues" its Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday Blues...


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