10 Hottest Australian Men

To celebrate the wonderful country of Australia on Australian Day here is our TOP 10 Hottest Australian Men.

These men can definitely take me to the land "Down Under" any day (Apologies for the innuendo)

So lets begin...

8451825810) Hugh Jackman

giphy9) Russell Crowe

vpetrc8) Eric Bana

tumblr_nkqzyl9xcc1reo8x8o1_5007) Simon Baker

tumblr_nswlxws88z1r17up9o1_5006) Jai Courtney

tumblr_nxag92c1O01u53ccjo1_5005) Guy Pearce

tumblrlcxidgjmsd1qawxnk4) Sam Worthington

tumblr_matiapqnvr1rcshhwo5_5003) Joel Edgerton

tumblr_inline_mkylv4RuPZ1qz4rgp2) Liam Hemsworth

tumblr_llnmrz2Hf61qacu7eo1_5001) Chris Hemsworth

What do you think of our list? Let us know in the comment box below.

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