10 Haunting Fashion Disasters

Haunting Fashion Disasters

Here is our TOP 10 list of the worst fashion mistakes in recent memory,

BEWARE this is the kind of stuff that will give you nightmares....

10) Kelly Clarkson


Big in the 90s, this look defied the actual point of highlights, i.e. looking sun-kissed. A harsh trend that didn't suit anybody, not even the beautiful Kelly Clarkson

9) Gillian McKeith


Long time no see for health and fitness guru Gillian McKeith and she hits the red carpet in a nasty novelty dress at a charity do in London

8) Jennifer Fisher

00002d136-jennifer_fisher-250x500 - Copy

Looking slightly odd in ruffles is jewellery designer Jennifer Fisher. We might be missing something but we just don’t get this layered frock she wore at the Sunday Times Style Magazine party in London earlier this year.

7) Sophie Turner


Oh, Sansa. What are you doing here. The old gods AND the new think your look should be sent to the Wall.

6) Tilda Swinton


We understand it's blasphemy to speak negative of Tilda Swinton, for being such a wonderful actress, but this shapeless dress makes her look like a stick of gum.

5) Kim Cattrall


Samantha Jones would freak if she saw this grandma

4) Cee Lo Green


Wait—what's Cee Lo's last name again? Maybe it'll come to us if we stare at his outfit long enough…

3) Kim Kardashian


Is it possible that Kim tore down some wallpaper because she couldn't find a dress to wear? Either that or she had recently just watched Mrs Doubtfire.

2) Sia


Can she Sia? Singer Sia wore some kooky fringed headgear at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party.

1) Z LaLa

2BD1157D00000578-3216506-Out_of_this_world_Singer_Z_La_La_looked_like_a_Doctor_Who_extra_-a-11_1440979194103 - Copy

Out of this world singer Z La La looked like a Doctor Who alien extra with this outrageous outfit

So there we are our worst fashion errors in recent memory, if you have any that we have missed comment below.

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