10 Ginger Celebs We Would Love To Kiss

g210) Ed Sheeran

Not many women can resist a man with a guitar, but the 24 year old singer strings a chord directly too your heart with his beautiful lyrics. I will be serenaded by him one day I swear!

g6 9) Rupert Grint

Growing up with the Harry Potter phenomenon, Ron (I mean Rupert) will always have a soft spot with his cheeky school boy charm. Also rumors have it he owns a Ice Cream Van, that is one way to my heart.

g58) Eddie Redmayne

I mean what film hasn't he been in where you haven't fallen in love with him. From Marius in Les Misérables to portraying Stephen Hawking in "A Theory of Everything" our Eddie is someone who I always enjoy on my screen.

tumblr_n63kzzQhb41tvxe90o1_5007) Domhnall Gleeson

In the past year it's hard to find a film which this up & comer hasn't been in. Even playing a bad guy in the new Star Wars didn't put me off this lovely ginger. Also the above film is called "About Time" if you love Sci-Fi & Romance check this out.

tumblr_llo2lxQZcp1qgl5gho1_5006) Damien Lewis

Jeez hot flushes over here... Look at that cheeky smouldering look on his face. The "Homeland" actor was on tough SOB which added to his overall rugged look... did someone turn the heating up.

g45) Benedict Cumberbatch

When he rose to fame through his portrayal of "Sherlock" we were quickly under his charm, through his many roles & his charity work, Mr Sherlock can solve my mysteries any day.

 g104) Paul Bettany

Its the eyes... those heart melting eyes... Oh My!

g33) Ewan McGregor

The Scottish dreamboat has been in our lives for a long time now & he is getting better age like a fine wine, well I wouldn't mind sip from his glass if that's the case.

g92) Michael Fassbender

The German-Irish actor is one tasty dish & he is appearing more & more on our screens which is amazing news, I may have to invest in a cinema card soon! Pause for thought.

g71) Prince Harry

Everyone's favorite Royal, Prince Harry with his good looks & bad boy attitude this is one person I wouldn't mind being King.

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